There are many reasons property owners may want to remove trees and other obstructions from their lands. There are many ways and techniques to do the land clearing process. If you are thinking of a land clearing project the professionals in RJ Clements Stump grinding will help you to think through the 3 land clearing fool- proof methods. It is important to think of the advantage and disadvantage of the land clearing methods before making the final decision. As every decision can affect the environment and may cost you a lot of money.  

Land Clearing

Tree and Stump Mulching 

Before we go deeper with tree and stump mulching let us know first the word mulching. Mulching is actually the protective covering on the soil or ground to retain moisture or reduce evaporation. It also helps maintain the soul temperature, control the growth of weeds, enrich the soil and many others benefits.  

So what better way to recycle a tree or stump other then turning it into mulch. You may have cleared the land of trees, stump and other debris but you also used the tree most efficiently by turning it into something useful for the land.  

However, this sort of method can be expensive depending on the machines used to create the mulch. So if you are considering this method of land clearing make sure you are ready for the costs.  

Delayed Stump Removal  

This method is budget friendly to property owners. However it is only for the property owners who do not need stump removed right away. Simply put this is the method where you let nature do its job with the dead. Soft wood like pine will rot in a couple or more years but hardwood make take decades to decompose. Using herbicides will also eventually decompose tree stumps. However if you are planning on clearing the land to use it for crops or some other uses that require growing plants on land prolong use of the herbicide may damage the soil and might need a fixer upper to balance and bring the best result for crops and plants.   


Goats and other weed eating animals are also great land clearing agents. However this method can be a little bit too slow. You’ll also need a fence that is sturdy enough that it won’t give you a headache and also to keep the goat with prefect area of the processing area which makes the best outcome maid easy az phoenix service in the right area. This animals can also get into hard to reach areas that the fancy bulldozers would have problems. These animals eat the brush and small trees thus clearing the area.   

There are definitely a lot of pros and cons in the land clearing methods. However, with a little research you will know the best method or action to take to best suit your needs. It is important that you inform yourself on the land clearing project especially if it’s a big project you are tackling. Some companies will help you decide on the best method to do to get the perfect result just for you.